Wine Clubs

We have created a new way to share wines from the Vine 2 Wine Winery collection with you. Our wines range from refreshing whites and full-bodied red wines to our expanding line of rosés and unique blends. Each wine will further your appreciation and experience of fine Texas wines. Vine 2 Wine Winery offers a distinct personal experience and an unmatched quality in the heart of a budding wine industry. We have the luxury of producing interesting and exciting blends in exclusive quantities. As a club member, you will receive shipments four times a year of pre-release, newly released, or specially blended wines. Shipments will be charged to your credit card on file. Credit card information is REQUIRED for membership, & will be kept strictly confidential.
Estate Club
  • 3 Bottles / Shipment 
  • 3 wines (2white/rose, 1 red) 
  • 5% discount on wine

Cru Club
  • 6 Bottles / Shipment 
  • 6 wines (3white/rose, 3 red) 
  • 10% discount on wine

Grand Cru
  • 12 Bottles / Shipment 
  • 12 wines
  • 15% discount on wine, merchandise and events

Contact us for more information 409-719-8781
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